Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good News!

First the good news. Our home study has been approved and sent to CIS!!! Now we wait for CIS to notify us for our fingerprints. On another note my husband and myself are once again heading up our local summer league for t-ball, machine pitch, baseball, and softball. It is a trying job but the kids really enjoy it. Don't get me wrong it's not hard it's just very time consuming, but at this point in time it keeps me busy so I don't think about all the waiting for the adoption. As soon as we get our fingerprint date I will let everyone know. Hope you all have a GREAT week!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Much News

Not much to write about here. We received our final home study on Friday which should mean that it was also sent to the local CIS office. So, we are waiting for our fingerprint appointment. It is that time in the adoption process that we begin to WAIT. Wait on fingerprints, wait on referral, just a lot of waiting. That's OK though the wait does not bother me because I know all of this will happen in GOD's timing! I would like to say I am sorry that I am not more of a blogger. I was told be some people that they liked reading my blog but I don't blog enough. So to you I AM SORRY! I will try to blog more! It is almost Easter and that means most all the family at our house. Don't get me wrong I love to have everyone together, it just means a lot of cooking and cleaning and I tend to get nervous that something won't turn out the way it is suppose to. I can let the adoption process take as long as needed without worrying but I can't make Sunday dinner without worrying. Go figure. Then to top it all off my 14 year old has a track meet Saturday at Medford. Like I needed something else to do this weekend. Well that is all for now. I will try to be a better blogger!!!!