Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It is nice to be able to report football is over BEFORE it got to cold! Our last game was Friday night and yes we lost but overall it was a good game. My son Ty caught a 15 yard pass which in my opinion made the game, ok I could be a little bias..just a little.
I am SO HAPPY to tell you that Alyssa was in the last batch for EP(emigrant permit). We still really do not know when we will get travel. After EP then Korea will get her passport and visa then travel. Under the best circumstances we could be going to get her the week of Christmas, the worst would be the last week of January. Either way she will be home soon!!
Our hope and prayer is to bring Alyssa home the week of Christmas. So please continue to pray!
I am HAPPY to say YEAH the Johnson's are home!!!!!!
Please remember them and the Mueller's in your prayers also.
I hope you all have a GREAT week!!!