Monday, September 28, 2009

Care Package and More

Alyssa's Care Package

There are some people from our adoption agency going to Korea next week, which means we get to send a care package to Alyssa. Woo Hoo! Maybe we will get lucky enough for them to get new pictures of her.

I want to thank all the ladies who hosted the baby shower for Alyssa last Sunday!! THANK YOU!!!

Ty is now in High School Football that means a game every Friday and some Monday JV games. It's a little scary when you see the other team, they always look so HUGE, but I think he holds his own.(I could be a little bias)

In our spare time (ha ha) we have been going to goat shows. Goat shows are now over until spring!!

That's all I have for now I hope I will have some good news SOON!!!!

GO Number 22!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No News!

We are still waiting to see if our Alyssa is going to get her passport or not. It is very difficult not knowing anything! As soon as I know something I will let everyone know. Please pray that we will get to bring her home this year, that the quota will not be met before Alyssa gets her passport! Please also continue to pray for the Johnson's and the Mueller's!