Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It has been a wonderfully crazy week! A good friend of mine went to China for 9 days and was a wonderful witness might I just add. Anyhow she left behind her husband and 5 kids 3 of which need to be watched. My daily routine was getting up at 6:30 getting 2 kids at 6:45 then getting my own 2 kids up and ready for school, getting all 4 in the car dropping my 2 off at school then 3 out of the 9 days keeping the other 2 which means at 11:00 picking up 1 of mine and the other 2's sister from kindergarten. The other 6 days after dropping my kids off at school I would take the other 2 to someone else, which was very hard some days. I don't do crying very well I would rather keep them all day than have them cry. I'm just a softy like that I guess. Needless to say we all made it the 9 days, mommy is home, but I miss my 6:45 kid drop off! On another note I have mailed all my home study paperwork, and I am getting closer to getting agency paperwork in the mail. My husband the wonderful man he is was gone all last week to Denver so therefore paperwork never even got looked at last week, but no worries it will get done when it's suppose to.