Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't Forget Who Is In Charge!!

It started with an e-mail I received on Thursday. It stated that Korea was getting close to the quota for passports that they allow a year. I made phone calls trying to find out if Alyssa had a passport or if they had filed for her passport yet and got no answers. I was frustrated and having some what of a melt down. My Friday didn't go any better! Then on Saturday much to my surprise I received a letter in the mail stating that Alyssa's visa papers had been forwarded to Korea. Now I really don't know what to think! They have to file for Alyssa's passport and receive it before they can file for her visa. Still confused and frustrated!
Saturday evening it hit me like a lead balloon. I AM NOT in charge!!! The Lord is and it will all happen in his timing NOT mine!! So my new outlook is that it is not when Alyssa comes home it is that she comes home!!!!! Don't get me wrong it is VERY HARD not to wonder but I am doing my best to leave it to my God. I pray for Alyssa every night and I know she will come home!
Now I am getting ready to start a very busy yet fun week. Our local Watermelon Festival is this week and there is something going on every night not to mention the fact that I am a class parent and each class builds a float for the parade on Saturday.
I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful week!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We received our I-171 today!!! This is our papers that make Alyssa our immediate relative. One step closer!!!!

Some Good News

A little good news. A good friend of mine gave me an e-mail address so that I could check on our I-600. I received a message back from CIS on Tuesday that our application had been approved it is just awaiting the approval letter!!! WOO HOO!!!

On another note I am asking for all who reads my blog to please keep the Mueller's and the Johnson's in your prayers, as they are traveling the adoption road also.

Until next time I hope you all have a great week and weekend!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN for the address!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little update

My husband, myself, and some dear friends of ours went to see Wicked Tuesday night. Let me tell you IT WAS GREAT!! If you every get the chance go see it!! Thanks D & A for going with us, that made it even better!!!

On a more somber note I am in the process of doctoring my oldest son back to health. It started as food poisoning and has ended up as an infection in his intestine. His doctor says that he should feel 100% better by tomorrow. So please keep him in your prayers. He has been battling this since last Saturday.